Georgia Tech News Center – Turner Foundation Awards Grant Supporting the Region’s First Sustainability Network”

“Redesigned and led by Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC), Center for Sustainable Communities, and EPA Region 4, the fourth Academy began on March 28, 2019. Under the direction of attorney Anne Heard, executive in residence; Kenja McCray, associate professor of history; and Dean Vance Gray of the Social Sciences Division, AMSC’s goal is supporting the [Environmental Justice Academy] in growing and thriving in a location central to the communities the college serves.” (read more)


Blogs & Newsletters

Association of Black Women Historians Truth: Special Issue, Dr. Jacqueline A. Rouse, Remembrances

“We have dedicated a special issue of Truth to honor the late Dr. Jacqueline A. Rouse. The special issue, which is available for download from our website, contains selected remembrances from friends, colleagues, students, and mentees. We owe a special thanks to Dr. Mary Rolinson for suggesting it and to Dr. Kenja McCray who penned the issue.”



Publication by AMSC Faculty

“Please join AMSC in congratulating Shreyas Desai, M.S., Kenja McCray, Ph.D., and Curtis Todd, Ph.D. for their recent publication; ‘Disrupting Illusions of Fluency.'” Read this insightful, scholarly, and practical article at this link.


Quoted & Cited

Que(e)ryNews: Juneteenth

“Happy Juneteenth! We honor the historic and ongoing fight for Black Freedom. Here are a few resources we’d like to highlight today.”

Black Perspectives“The Women of the Committee for Unified Newark (CFUN)”

by Ashley Farmer

“There is . . .  exciting new work in the pipeline on Black women cultural nationalists and the life, theory, and activism of figures such as Amina Baraka by scholars including Kenja McCray and Kim McMillion.” (read more)

BBC News – “Stacey Abrams: The Deep South Woman Vying to Make History”

By Courtney Subramanian

“A battle for the governor’s mansion in the US state of Georgia features a woman vying to become the first black American female to run a state.” (read more)



Atlas Obscura – Against the Odds, A 40-Year Old West African Village in South Carolina Has Thrived”

by Molly McArdle

“The actual village’s population is really small, but the footprint it made is much larger.” (read more)

Georgia State University College of Arts and Sciences – “Ph.D. Student Honored for African American History Research”

by Tiffany Carter

History Ph.D. student Kenja McCray was recently selected to receive the Association of Black Women Historians’ Drusilla Dunjee Houston Memorial Award for her dissertation chapter, “Education Didn’t Mean Having a Degree: It Meant Serving All of Humanity.” She received the award at the Centennial Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH).  (more)


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