A wise man once said, “Students should not merely go through college but college should also go through them.”  His words resonate with me.   Students’ educational encounters should be empowering and should change the way they see themselves and their relationship to history and the world.  Exchanging ideas, from lecture hall to coffee shop, helps students find themselves in the educational process.  I encourage them to voice their own experiences, ideas, and opinions and relate them to their work.

Teaching @ the Atlanta History Center
Teaching at the Atlanta History Center


In class, my students and I often foreground the voices of women, people of color, and the underclasses.  By giving our global, communal, and individual mothers, brothers, grandparents and ancestors a central focus in our dialogue, we also give ourselves voice.  We learn that we make history both “on the ground” and in the academy.  History should not be imposed upon us.  I hope to nurture students’ ability to express themselves with confidence– to expand their ideas and perspectives about themselves, their histories, and their world.

Course in Development

Courses Taught

(online, face-to-face, full-term, & accelerated formats)

  • US History to 1865
  • US History Since 1865
  • African American History
me with student
Kenja (right) co-hosted the Atlanta Oral History Roundtable at Atlanta Metro State College so her students could access such an event, which may have otherwise been closed to them.

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